Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Free: HistoryThroughArt

Gerome, Jean-Leon. (1868). Bonaparte before the Sphynx. Retrieved from Free HistoryThroughArt at http://historyatourhouse.com/?page_id=276

So, what do you make of this enigmatic painting? What is Bonaparte doing? What is he thinking? What wisdom is he seeking from the Sphynx as his troops muster in the background? What can we learn about history from this painting? And, how does our knowledge of history influence our interpretation?


Then visit Scott Powell's HistoryThroughArt webpage, and listen to a couple of free lectures in which he discusses this painting in depth. Currently, he explores five paintings (with two lectures each), and plans to add another painting each month. He begins the series with Norman Rockwell's Young Lady with a Shiner, which does not have any particular historical significance but is a wonderful example of how a painting can tell a story. He uses it to teach students how to look at art, take it apart, and think about it in order to understand the artist's message. Later lectures place the paintings in historical context and require the student to draw from their knowledge of history.

The lectures are recorded live with Mr. Powell's upper elementary History At Our House class, delivered via teleconference. Mr. Powell interacts with the students and encourages their participation, while they view an image of the painting on their home computers. He instructs them on note-taking, asks them questions, and prompts critical analysis. Although these lectures are directed toward students in 4th through 6th grade, students of all ages will learn something.

To learn more about Mr. Powell, History At Our House, and HistoryThroughArt, visit his website at http://historyatourhouse.com. To hear free sample lectures, go to http://historyatourhouse.com/?page_id=171

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I'm Back!!!

After several weeks in which I did not post anything to this blog, I am back and ready to go! I've been working on my website The School and Home Library: A Virtual Library for Home Schoolers which will be published to the web within days. It has everything thing from reference (including Ask-a-Librarian services), to sources for free down-loadable books, databases, search tools, museums, information literacy and Web 2.0, all in a user-friendly, well-organized format. Be on the look out for it!!!